The economic impact of Casino

Possession of a stolen firearm. The states attorney’s office says these four suspects were in the same car when they were arrested. Danville police are investigating an armed robbery it happened just before 11 last night at the Casey’s on the east main street. Police say… A man and woman walked in wearing masks. The man had a gun.

Both went behind the counter… Took the money and left. No one was hurt.  A casino could actually be coming to Danville as part of the sports betting and casino expansion bill passed yesterday.

You’ve heard that before… But city leaders are hopeful this time will be different. That’s because governor Pritzker has said several times he will sign the bill. This is something many people have wanted for more than 10 years. Wcia threes Courtney bunting is live in our newsroom. Courtney — where will it go?

We don’t know yet… That will up to the developer. There has been talking about it going downtown. But nothing’s set in stone.

No matter where it goes… City leaders say they’re confident the city will be better because of it. “It exciting” people have a lot of reasons to support online casinos coming to Danville. “It about the gambling so much for me, it jobs: thousands and thousands of jobs, plus the supply jobs with it” rick harper started a facebook page to back the idea of a Danville casino. While some have said they’re worried getting one could mean more crime — Harper believes it will mean more good than bad. “I think any large venue has a natural increase in crime with it just because there with it” Amy McKinley works to improve Danville’s downtown. She hopes the casino will be built in that area.

But either way… She says it will encourage other businesses nearby to improve and grow. “More people will think, invest. It knows, fix up buildings, purchase buildings, that sort of thing” a casino has the potential to bring around one and a half million visitors to the city every year. “Maybe the husband loves to go to casinos, but the wife doesn’t like it much, so she comes and hits our antique stores and our little boutique shops.”

Many are crossing their fingers that this is the answer Danville has been looking for. “Danville population has been decreasing, the whole morale of the town has been going down….. But I think this is really the shot in the arm that the community needs” I reached out to mayor Rickey Williams to get his input. He didn’t want to comment today. But he’ll be discussing the casino license tomorrow at city council. Lives in the newsroom… Courtney bunting… Wcia three your local news leader. Thanks, Courtney in 2004… A study was done on the possible economic impact of the casino.

The estimate was 650 to 750 jobs. It also would bring about one and a half million visitors every year. The estimate was those people would bring in up to 60 million dollars a year. Remember… Those are 2004 numbers. several jobs could be cut in urban as the city works to balance its budget.

The city’s human resources office is giving a presentation tonight on which positions could get the axe.

Post Author: Annie Craig