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From Turning Stone Resort in Upstate New York, this is Poker Night in America.

Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. This week, we find ourselves being pampered at the ultra-swanky Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York. >> Their VIP lounge is the perfect backdrop for our celebrity casino games in canada and their scenic landscape was the perfect backdrop for a number of ALS ice bucket challenges.

You remember those, anyway, once everyone was dry and our extremities were no longer numb we made our way up to the VIP lounge and kicked off our cash game. And while some of these players were just getting warmed up after getting chilled with a bucket of ice, other players were about to feel the burn. Let’s meet who’s at today’s table. Some pretty big names and some pretty big stacks joining us tonight. But the biggest stacks buying in for the max 20k is Phil Laak and Shaun Deeb.

Phil Hellmuth. Buying in for the minimum at 5K.

>> Blinds are 25 and 50. We got a $100 straddle from Liv Boeree. >> She’s tilted you three bet her.

>> All these players in for a minimum of $5000. >> In his defense. >> Cindy Kerslake makes it 225. >> 60 big blinds before the flop.

>> A call from Phil Laak. But Sahaun Deeb is so good Phil, that he came- >> David Patent calls. >> After he went to the bathroom or whatever. Gathered himself or whatever he says he did.

He came back and he won that $35,000 back in half an hour. It was impressive. Cause it’s hard to win 35K in a 25-50 game.

>> With the right dynamic. >> Cherish Andrews calls from the big blind and Liv Boeree calls from the straddle, so five players together as we see our first flop so tonight at Turning Stone. >> All right, may ah two huge hands happen here. >> I think Shaun’s trying the tight strategy today. >> You didn’t see some of the cards I’ve played already.

>> Yeah we played half a hand. >> Two pair for Boeree and she checks. Kerslake the initial raiser bets.

575 is her bet. Boeree makes it 1,500. Kerslake will fold.

And a hundred dollar straddle turns into a $3,200 pot for Liv Boeree. >> Is it legal to just put in the minimum? >> It probably won’t be the minimum for long, so. >> Right. But it’s legal, it’s allowed? It’s not, like, deuce-seven, where you have to come in for a raise, or anything like that?

>> I mean, if you wanna be that guy. >> Is that legal? >> I told you, it was not gonna be min for long. >> I wanted to see the hand, you know, without putting 8000 in.

Are you c-betting 85% plus? Like no matter what. >> Probably. >> I feel like, you know.

>> The limp re-raise would probably work. You make it like 15 thousand and I’d probably fold. >> I feel like I have to play the hand, I came in for a limp.

>> And what a flop for Phil Laak, flops a queen high flush. Deeb just a pair of jacks. >> Non power, that’s good for me.

I think I have a, I think I have a little something going on. >> Could that do it? >> I also have a little something going on.

>> That’s not going to do it. Would it help if I told you I meant it at 550 but I bet five and a quarter? >> You want to agree to put in 550?

>> No. Yes. No. Five and a quarter’s plenty. If that was a trick to get information, I hope you didn’t get anything.

Oh, I like that card. >> I also like that card. >> Sorry buddy. [LAUGH] >> Sometimes I have it. >> What does he have?

>> Flopped a flush. >> 118 to 1, or so, is what happened there. I don’t even know the last time I limped with queen-eight suited. Maybe I haven’t ever done it.

>> I just knew that if I came in, you would raise me, so I was like, if I come in for 50. >> I had you crushed! I had to raise.

You got to find a way that you can see a flop. [CROSSTALK] >> And then not have the lead in the hand and be in a very bad spot for the rest of the hand or whatever. Here it comes, Astro Girl.

She’s out of position but she loves her hand so she’s going to do something. There it is. 575. 425.

350. >> Boeree makes it 400 with jacks. >> I got a pretty wide range here to get involved.

Oh that’s, that’s like the top of my range. Let’s go. It was a good hand. It might not be in a minute.

It might not be in about a second. >> Two over cards on the flop to Liv’s pocket jacks. >> Ah, six and a quarter.

Definitely six and a quarter. >> After Boeree’s check, Phil Laak bets 625. And a call.

Oh, wow, the turn is a Jack. So, that gives Laak the straight. And Boeree a set of Jacks.

They both check. >> Oh. Any 10 makes a straight, Liv.

Two thousand, three hundred and a quarter. That’s the perfect bet because you can’t call and you can’t fold. You’re trapped.

It’s like a mind warp. >> It’s a very good bet. >> So she’s gonna tank until the end of time, is that the plan? >> It’s when the unstoppable force meets the unmovable object. There’s no action.

[LAUGH] We’ll have to cut, it’s a wrap. Adam, we’re all going home. She can’t raise, fold, or call. She’s trapped. >> But wait, this is live stream. She can wait 31 minutes and then see what your hole cards are.

>> Yeah, Yes that’s a great idea. Well. Alright. >> Good fold. >> Nice bet. >> Good fold.

>> Good fold. >> Yeah yeah yeah. >> And Phil Laak is rolling early tonight on Poker Night in America. And that was a tough fold from Liv Boeree but, she did the right thing.

We’ve got more tank battles when we return. Plus a little later on we’ll pivot from the small screen to the silver screen as we review famous poker scenes in cinema in a segment called Poker Night at the Movies. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. >> Thanks for coming back to Poker Night in America. Let’s get back to the cash game.

Poker Night in America brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online. Upstate New York this week on Poker Night in America, return visit here to Turning Stone. This is our first look at Jesse Sylvia, in the one seat. >> One of the reasons, one of the reasons if we all share, we’re all rewarded for our reads and not reads, you know that right.

It’s not just about you. >> Right, I know, it was just, I just need a little delay, a, just a little cushion, a mind cushion. I’m going to play, by putting in the correct amount of chips, and continuing. >> Laak calls, Deeb calls.

>> Phil just wants every tiny little edge. [CROSSTALK] >> Come on, Phil. I mean. >> Triple five. >> Good lord.

>> Laak has checked. >> I’ll throw in a little bit. I just have to let the hand, you know, despillify in the brain a little bit. >> 400. >> Sylvia bets 250. >> Three and a quarter.

I think that’s a raise, he said 400. >> Yeah what is that? >> That should be a raise to five. Just saying. >> That’s true.

I actually sa, I thought it was 400 cuz I saw the two black chips. And that’s not angle, but if you want, I’ll raise. >> I’m folding regardless, but I think it should be a raise.

>> I’m not gonna, like, try to push that. >> Okay. 250. Cuz I, I’m not proud of my hand, but I’m proud. I’m proud enough to put in the 250.

>> It sounded like he asked a question. 400? >> Yeah I think his tell was pretty clear, I’m not. Go ahead. >> Thank you Jesse.

I check. >> Just let’s check it done, Jesse. >> Laak checks again, so action’s on Sylvia. >> Hold on, slow down.

I’ll pay you to check. Oh, whatever, I gotta pay him off. >> There you go, take them. >> Well Phil, you’re not paying him off; right now, you’re in the lead.

>> Ace-jack, is it any good now? It, it feels like it has less power. >> Less power? >> Jack!

>> Ooh. >> I knew it was gonna be a jack. >> I check. You might have ace-five, or pocket aces, man.

I don’t have Ace-Jack, I’ll just let you know. I was bull [BLEEP] earlier. >> One more bet from Silvia here on the river. Let’s see if it’s enough to get rid of Laak and his tens. >> No set, no bet. I don’t really want to call How much is it?

>> $1,550. >> Do you think Phil has 8s or 10s Liv? >> 1550. >> I actually haven’t been paying attention. >> And Laak makes the right decision. >> Wow.

>> Tens, just what I had him on. >> Oh, my god. >> You had a full house, and you took that long.

>> Yes. Cuz I’m just, you know. I told him I had ace-jack and then he bet. So I was like. [LAUGH] >> Phil, I called your hand. Did you like that?

>> Yup I heard that. I’ll give, I’ll bet, I’ll go 200 to 400. >> That it was suited?

Or that it was of spades? >> 6-4, spades exactly. You win. You win 500 if it’s not 6-4. >> Boeree raises to 150.

>> Wow. You’re always working, aren’t you. And okay. You got it. >> You want it?

>> Yeah. >> Okay, like, we’re talking not, we’re talking the one with Hellmuth. >> Yeah, yeah. >> Yeah, okay, you got a deal, 200 of- >> Shaun Deeb making his 248th appearance on Poker Night in America. Raises with 10, 5 of hearts.

We would expect no less. >> Bet 500 to 1500. >> I’ll take the first one. >> Okay.

>> You seem pretty sure. >> I’m pretty sure. I thiink I just made 200. >> Boeree calls. >> I would like 50 to 1.

>> Flop’s 8 high but for Shaun Deeb a couple of hearts will peak his interest to go on with this hand. 550, from Deeb is the bet. >> No, she doesn’t want out.

>> Antonio, by the way, is the most earning- >> Call from Boeree. >> I see him in a tournament. [LAUGH] He’s like, I made 6,000 today in a lot of things, in a $1,000 tournament. >> And the turn is another hear, that gives Deeb the flush. Boeree has already checked, so Deeb’s now wondering how much he’s going to be trying to extract from Liv here.

$1,425, as Phil Laak would say, is the bet. [MUSIC] >> And once again, Liv Boeree finds herself in an impossible spot, and has to make a tough lay-down. I’m not sure I’d have the discipline she is showing today. But of course, that’s why she is the poker playing, heavy metal guitar shredding, super modeling, extreme sporting, astrophysicist.

Well, I’m, I’m just. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. >> From Turning Stone Resort in Upstate New York, welcome back to Poker Night in America.

>> I also think that it helps, the new school helps one of things, it helps them be calmer about losing. I’m not known for being calm. >> Shaun Deeb raises it to 300. >> You’re not known for losing either, Phil.

>> Whatever, whatever. >> I haven’t exactly been the most graceful loser. >> Silvia with Ace, Jack. >> He calls. >> Maybe five, nine of diamonds. You might have five, nine of diamonds.

>> And it looks like Phil Hellmuth is ready to get involved in his very first hand ever on Poker Night in America. And here comes Hellmuth and jacks. He just calls. >> Is your app this, share my pair? >> Yep. >> That’s the one you were telling me about last night?

>> Yeah. >> Because I was actually- >> Oh no, no, no, no. What, actually what I was telling you about, the share my pair app’s pretty, pretty cool. >> Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that actually.

>> Flop is 6 high. So Hellmuth, and his jacks are ahead. 650 from Deeb. >> That gets rid of Sylvia. >> Call from Hellmuth.

And sure, he’s got a gut shot strait draw, so why not raise it to four thousand from Phil Laak. >> No four thousand. >> Four thousand. >> Deeb folds. >> Wow, such a big raise if you have a set.

I don’t think you have a set. All right, I guess I’m all in. >> Call. >> Phil goes all in and a call from Laak obviously. >> Just jacks Phil. >> Only 500 more to call.

>> You got to show. >> I have to show? >> You have to show on all in hands.

>> Six, Five do you have? Wow, I can’t run this twice, this is so sick. >> And the river. And Phil Hellmuth is going to win a huge pot. >> Maybe. >> What’d you fold?

>> King-six. I just, like, know he’s got something stupid, but Phil’s for sure got me beat. >> Well, Phil Hellmuth, welcome to Poker Night in America. You’ve played exactly one hand, and you’ve doubled up. Win your very first hand.

>> With 1.2 million in for the Teaching Tolerance charities in one night. Every once a year, it’s beautiful. >> You know Todd, Todd one that last year or the year before. >> Button raise from Laak with ace-king. >> $25,000 Graf certificate. >> Oh, yeah I did.

You’re such a quick learner. >> I’ll try to remember too, I, I. >> Said he couldn’t buy anything at the store except a pen. >> A re-pop from Deeb with 8-7 to 700.

And a quick call from Phil Laak. Open ended straight draw for Shaun Deeb. Top pair top kicker for Phil Laak. And Deeb is first with that draw. Looks like we’re playing only big pots tonight on Poker Night in America.

And just like that Shaun Deeb makes a straight on the turn. The bet is $1,650. Laak calls. $6,300 in the middle as we go to the river. Deeb puts them all in the middle, $10,375. All in.

>> If I call in an all in will you flip me for 10 so I can a shot to either get stuck 10 more or get unstuck. >> I don’t even know why I asked? I know he’s probably going to say yes. When the hand was over. I call. The nuts.

>> A call from Phil Laak has just turned into the biggest pot of the night on Poker Night in America. Worth over $27,000. >> There’s ten, take the rest, whatever you need, kid. >> And here’s the updated chip count. Phil Laak is down $11,000 for the night, and Phil Hellmuth, who bought in for the minimum $5,000, has already more than doubled that.

>> Whatever you need. >> The advantage of being Mrs. Jennifer Tilly. [LAUGH] >> Oh, my God.

>> When we return, I’ll host a panel with film critic Richard Roeper, Oscar-nominated movie star Jennifer Tilly, and humanoid Phil Laak as we discuss famous poker scenes portrayed in movies. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online.

>> Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Now if you are a poker player, and a movie buff like I am, you’ve seen it happen in movies time and time again. The same ridiculous poker scenes where the pot gets splashed, the peanut gallery calls out the action, and the hero always slow rolls with the nuts. But here at poker night in America, we’ve put together a panel of poker and film experts, for a new segment to talk about the times Hollywood gets it wrong, or gets it right.

Tonight’s example, James Bond’s strait flush versus the villain’s full house in the 2006 film Casino Royale. This is Poker Night at the movies. >> You know, I really love this film. I thought Daniel Craig, you know, is the best James Bond, probably, since Sean Connery. But that’s one of the worst poker scenes I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s, the, the, the betting is crazy, and then the dealer should be fired. [LAUGH] >> You know? He’s moving cards around, he’s doing this, he’s doing that. And.

You know, you calculate the odds. And Phil and Jen can speak to this. What are the odds of those types of hands actually happening all in one. You can’t calculate that.

>> It was funny because on News Views and Gossip, which is a website where a lot of wizard poker players offer their thoughts. They’d picked apart the scene and somebody had calculated, reverse engineered. Oh well this man, if he started the hand with six and a half big blinds, why duh-duh-duh did he go in with eight high, or whatever hands they had. >> The blinds are, the blinds is a million, right? >> Yeah. >> I was like what are you doing?

Yeah, get it in there. >> Phil and I talk about everything. We have the same opinion. But we could not believe that James Bond splashed the pot like a little girl. He’s like.

[LAUGH] >> Everything’s spilling down. And then the other guy, the guy that bleeds from his eye. He splashes the pot too. We’re like everyone’s so positive their going to win this pot, so they don’t care if their chips get mixed up with everybody else chips so, what about the side pot, you know shouldn’t be there a side pot.

Let’s give the, the movie a review we gonna do this based on poker hands. Ah a, so we’ll start with Jennifer. >> Oh, Oh, I would say ace high for, in terms of poker hand. [LAUGH] >> All right. >> Barely good enough to win.

All right. Richard Roeper? >> Yeah, it’s seven deuce off suit as an actual poker scene, I think. But Jennifer’s right. I mean, there’s some good acting there.

So that, okay I’ll give it a, I’ll give it a pair of 9’s. >> Okay so far our best hand is ace high here. >> Yeah, yeah.

>> For this poker scene. >> I originally for going to say yeah around there but maybe pocket fours cuz I wouldn’t mind four’s racing with like ace eight in this spot. >> The thing that is disappointing is all the buzz in the poker community. >> Right.

>> There is this amazing poker scene. >> It’s this big deal, that is what killed us. >> And it was like so insulting. >> Pocket threes. I’m gonna give you pocket threes.

Fours is too high. Fours is too high. >> This is a movie that probably had a budget of what, a hundred million dollars. How could they not get that right? >> They never do.

>> It’s the equivalent of a dart scene where the guy hits the bullseye and then the dart splits the dart, you know? [LAUGH] >> Come on. >> Okay, so Casino Royale, James Bond film, you have an ace high, seven deuce off suit and pocket threes maybe pocket fours with the hope of setting up on the flop. So that is our review of, the poker scene from Casino Royale. [MUSIC] >> Man, that was a lot of fun. You can see more of Poker Night at the Movies in upcoming episodes.

For more from Poker Night in America, log on to or find us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube where you can see complete episodes and unedited live streams. Also be sure to check out our online store for Poker Night hoodies. Shirts, hats and more. For everyone at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson.

>> And this would make a better movie if, if they were all cheating. >> And James Bond is the best cheater because, of course, he’s James Bond. And of course, in for, and on top of that he sticks it in by slow rolling. We saw it. Phil goes, “Oh my god.

I cannot believe James Bond is a slow roller.” “He has a full house. That is a very good.” He’s explaining to the girl that got the boob job in the middle of the movie.

[LAUGH] >> I was saying to Richard, I’m positive that girl went out in the middle of the filming. Filming takes seven or eight months. And got a boob job. Because in the beginning, she had very beautiful, natural breasts, we saw the lingerie shot, and at the end, he pulls her out of the water, he’s getting her artificials you know, and I thought she was gonna explode. It was like he’s pumping her up, they were like, whoa! >> Poker Night is brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online.

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