The economic impact of Casino

Possession of a stolen firearm. The states attorney’s office says these four suspects were in the same car when they were arrested. Danville police are investigating an armed robbery it happened just before 11 last night at the Casey’s on the east main street. Police say… A man and woman walked in wearing masks. The […]

Meet Iowa's Biggest Jackpot Winners

After a week of rumors that a group from the shipping department at the Quaker Oats plant in Cedar Rapids had won a $241 million jackpot, 20 of those very coworkers have stepped forward to claim their big Powerball prize. And what a day it was. From the party bus they rolled up in, to […]

Your Texas Hold’em Positioning

Whether you are playing Texas Hold’em at home, at online casinos, or in a casino on land, your positioning at the table will be important. Think of it like this – the more poker players you have that have to act the better off you are. The more players that have to make decisions before […]

Gambling Addiction and Neuroscience with Murat Yucel

We tend to look at the reward system of the brain across multiple conditions and addictions and try to figure out whether someone who has an alcohol problem or an eating problem from the brain’s perspective or thinking self-control that actually looks very similar to gambling in casino. Or some people with gambling might look […]

Top 10 Tips For Beginning Blackjack Players

  This video has been divided into two parts and previously Steve gave tips 1 through 5. In this video he continues with tips, 630 n hi and welcome to part to love our video on the top 10 tips for getting blackjack players in part 1. We spoke about which games to avoid and […]

Security & Integrity At Online Casinos

Most of us do not bother to check out some of the basic and simple things before start playing in an online casino. There are some very important information one should check out before choosing any gaming and betting site. Just because you are trusting the online casino with your hard earned money, so you […]