Blackjack Party!

Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to a new video from Studenten Roulette! Today we are not goint to play slotgames, but we are going to play some blackjack We are playing at the “blackjack party” table We’ve got 700 euro’s on our balance today Starting with just a euro? – Thats too low, we better start with 5 euro’s If there is a seat we can take, we should do that I remember when we were playing blackjack by ourselves.

We didn’t make a lot of money Thats why we’re putting our money on other people who will play for us. Ninetheen, not a bad start We could use the doubling strategy What is that guy doing? – I dont know, these people seem to have so much fun doing their job King! Thats not too bad We don’t even have to talk during this video because the dealers will do it for us For a second i could click “sit here” but i was too late The guy we used to put our money on has just left Thats unfortunate – Lets put some money on Pronk66 He’s got bad cards Fuck Lets try six euro’s on Elliot99 We could also try Ramsey2012 who has just turned four years old What a shit card to start with On which person did we bet? – Elliot99 The dealer also has a shit card to start with I agree Is elliot even allowed to gamble? 1999?

– No, is Ramsey 2012 allowed to gamble? Nope – I’m not sure which country that guy is living Twelve euro’s? – Elliot99 is going to win some money for us, i’m sure Those people are talking more than us in our own video – Noooooo We are going to lose this one – The dealer has a three, thats also not the best card to start with Because of that i wouldn’t ask for another card i think – Me neither Elliot99 is thinking the same way Does he know we got money on him? – No het doesn’t Lets double again, twenty-four euro’s He’s going to win that money for us, i guarantee you! That guy who’s betting in the middle is betting with 100 euro’s. – Yeah we’re going to bet on him from now on Everybody is having good cards We’ve got twenty, should we do Insurance?

– Nope The dealer only needs 10 for blackjack – Yea i know Lets bet on the guy in the middle. He know how the game works How many? Ten? – Yea, sure How much did that guy wager this time?

– Fifty euro’s Almost everybody won some money previous round Oooooh, ninetheen. Not bad Ooow wait thats only our wager back We better win this one so we can wager fifty I’m wondering how much these people get paid for dealing the cards and telling some stories. In fact we’re doing quite the same, but we don’t get paid much For them it a real job.

We are only acting like its our job Well, our secret of the stones video has got 1500 views Yea i know, thats sick. Ooow before i forget. All new subscribers, thank you for subscribing! But one subsriber we have to give a special thanks.

It was our 70th subsriber, Dagmar Kesselaer Thank you Dagmar – Whooo, awesome! I want our balance to be exactly at 750 Eleven, thats not bad at all We only need a ten – Thats a pottential blackjack Lets wager fifthy euro’s On the same guy? – Never change a winning team Lets take the insurance Does it say total bet 75 euro’s? – Yes could be true because you also pay for insurance And now we’re happy we took the Insurance. Oooow it seems not to work that way Ladies and gentleman, i want to thank you for watching!

We want to thank Boss Casino again for letting us play at their website. Next week we’ll be at another casino! Thank you for watching, goodbye!

Post Author: Annie Craig