Gambling Addiction and Neuroscience with Murat Yucel

We tend to look at the reward system of the brain across multiple conditions and addictions and try to figure out whether someone who has an alcohol problem or an eating problem from the brain’s perspective or thinking self-control that actually looks very similar to gambling in casino. Or some people with gambling might look […]

Top 10 Tips For Beginning Blackjack Players

  This video has been divided into two parts and previously Steve gave tips 1 through 5. In this video he continues with tips, 630 n hi and welcome to part to love our video on the top 10 tips for getting blackjack players in part 1. We spoke about which games to avoid and […]

Blackjack Party!

Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to a new video from Studenten Roulette! Today we are not goint to play slotgames, but we are going to play some blackjack We are playing at the “blackjack party” table We’ve got 700 euro’s on our balance today Starting with just a euro? – Thats too low, we better […]

Security & Integrity At Online Casinos

Most of us do not bother to check out some of the basic and simple things before start playing in an online casino. There are some very important information one should check out before choosing any gaming and betting site. Just because you are trusting the online casino with your hard earned money, so you […]

Take the Maximum of Your Casino Bonuses

Without providing casino bonuses online casino games would not be that absorbing. Once you had run off money your gambling would have been over. Fortunately, this is something that is never going to happen in the modern world because online technologies are growing more advanced every single day and they improve the conditions of online […]

Enjoy Legal Online Sports Betting Today

As in modern times, when betting has come up as a popular thing, then the number of betting sites has also seen a growth that is difficult to deny. Sports betting have become one of the most liked categories today which you can choose because of benefits offered by them. From thrill to enjoyment and […]

Protection from the Poker Cheating

Cutting the Deck: There is no harm in establishing a house rule that all decks must be cut before the deal. In some circles, it is the player to the dealer’s right that cuts the deck. Doing so eliminates some of the sleight of hand tricks used by the poker cheat. Had the dealer stacked the […]

Poker Cheating Secrets Part 3

Other Methods Collusion: This is by far the easiest, and therefore most dangerous, manner to cheat. It is virtually impossible to catch players in collusion, and even more difficult to prove it. The danger of collusion can not be emphasized enough. Collusion requires minimal skill and minimal preparation, but poses a great danger to the honest […]

Poker Cheating Secrets Part 2

False Shuffling: There are no less than four manners of false shuffling: 1) Keeping the bottom card on the bottom. At the ideal opportunity, the cheat will glance at the bottom card, after which the cheat will deal in such a manner as to keep that card at the bottom. This can be done with the […]